Modern airports are essentially building complexes with extremely high demands in heating and cooling. Considering that in a common building, heating and cooling take up about 50% of energy needs, in the case of airports this percentage can reach up to 80%. Other particularities of airports, related to extremely high loads (due to high air volumes) are the high needs for ventilation (high people concentration), the 24-hour 365 days use but also the huge and fast variation in demands (peak hours, day-night, summer-winter).

Due to these particularities, airports are highly demanding applications in terms of heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC), with unbelievable energy bills. Conventional systems with gas or diesel for heating are completely out of the picture nowadays, with chillers and heat pumps dominating. Moreover, every decimal point in the performance indicator of a heat pump / chiller system can lead to thousand of Euros in savings from the yearly operating costs of an airport. This is why the efficiency factor (COP-EER) of heat pumps and chillers used in airports is the No1 priority when selecting a supplier.

Climaveneta has all the necessary prerequisites to meet these demands for high efficiency, taking advantages of special technologies and standing out from the competition. Take for example :
  • Magnetic levitation compressors used by Climaveneta in TECS chillers
  • Heat Recovery system in NECS NR and FOCS NR heat pumps
  • Capability for simultaneous supply of heating and cooling with the 4-pipe technology Integra systems
  • Geothermal versions NECS WN and RECS WN, in order to maximize efficiency where possible
  • Full inverter logic, not only in the compressor but also the fans, pumps (VPF)
  • Combination of on/off and inverter compressors in the same system with i-Fx series
  • Specialized in-house BMS control software, named ClimaPro.
In case of airport premises renovation, upgrading, refurbishment, Climaveneta provides the technologically and energetically top solution : A single system for all needs, controlled and constantly adjusted for optimal efficiency centrally by ClimaPro specialized BMS. This way, energy bills drop to a minimum compared to conventional gas and chiller combinations with obsolete or generic BMS. But most importantly, Climaveneta has the complete responsibility for the “architecture” and correct functioning of the system.

Take a look at a small sample of globally leading airports that already use Climaveneta chillers and heat pumps.

New VIP complex - Singapore Changi Airport                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Period: 2015
Cooling Capacity: 1464 kW
Installed machines:
3 water-cooled units, model TECS2-W

Airbus military - Tablada
     Sevilla - Spain

Period: 2013
Cooling Capacity: 3531 kW
Installed machines:
3 air-cooled units, model TECS2/SL

Modlin Airport
Warsaw - Poland

Period: 2013
Cooling Capacity: 1060 kW
Installed machines:
2 aircooled units, model NECS/SL
high efficiency, very low noise version (SL).

Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg
Saint-Louis – France

Period: 2013
Cooling Capacity: 978 kW
Installed machines:
1 water-cooled unit, model TECS2-W
energy class A', low noise version.

The Kunming new international airport
Yunnan – China

Period: 2011
Cooling Capacity: 4400 kW / Heating capacity: 3160 kW         
Installed machines:
8 multifunction heat pumps water-water,  
model ERACS2Q/SL, super low noise version, INTEGRA range.

El Tepual Airport
Puerto Montt – Chile

Period: 2009
Cooling Capacity: 1256 kW / Heating Capacity: 606 kW
Installed machines:
1 4-pipes heat pump water-water, model ERACS-WQ, of  INTEGRA range
1 water cooled heat pump, high efficiency, model FOCS-WH.

Faro airport
Faro – Portugal

Period: 2008 - 2009
Cooling Capacity: 3500 kW
Installed machines:
2 air-cooled units, model FOCS/B,
high energy efficiency

Lisbon airport
Lisbon - Portugal

Period: 2008 - 2009
Cooling Capacity: 11970 kW / Heating capacity: 840 kW
Installed machines:
9 air-cooled units, model FOCS-CA,
high energy efficiency and 2 heat pumps, air-water, model RECS/LT,
(operation at low ambient temperatures.

Ibiza airport
Ibiza - Spain

Period: 2008
Cooling Capacity: 3838 kW
Installed machines:
2 air-cooled chilers, model FOCS/Β,
high energy efficiency and
4 heat pumps, air-water, model RECS.

Landvetter Airport
Göteborg – Sweden

Period: 2007
Cooling Capacity: 1750 kW
Installed machines:
2 water-cooled units (water - water)
model FOCS-W / D, with partial heat recovery

Borispol airport
Kiev - Ukraine
Period: 2006
Cooling Capacity: 900 kW
Installed machines:
High efficiency air cooled chillers with screw compressors
completed by hydronic fan coils

Marco Polo airport
Venice - Italy

Period: 2005
Cooling Capacity: 660 kW
Installed machines:
Split type units, HCAT

Air force Centocelle airport
Rome - Italy
Period: 2001
Cooling Capacity: 412 kW
Installed machines:
4 air cooled units, model FOCS,
low noise version, with partial heat recovery
and 15 wizard and 200 fancoil units.

Eleftherios Venizelos airport
Athens - Greece

Period: 2000
Cooling Capacity: 1300 kW
Installed machines:
5 heat pumps (air - water), model NECS-N
high energy efficieny.