Technical Training

Delta Techniki SA, the technical partner of Climaveneta in Greece arranges almost every month technical training seminars for heat pumps. If you are a professional in the sector of building systems, an engineer, an architect, an energy auditor, you can participate in the technical training organized and presented by Delta Techniki’s experienced engineers.

Why attend
  • To get acquainted with the technical, financial and aesthetic characteristics of the most advanced heating and air conditioning system, the heat pumps.
  • To stand out from the crowd and differentiate from other competing professionals. Get to know and offer a new technology with great advantages.
  • To get convinced with real application examples
  • To get the necessary knowledge required to examine and communicate possible applications of heat pumps with a professional and consistent way.

Training material revised in 2015
Following the completion of the first round of training seminars, from 2012 to 2014, the seminar material has been revised based on participant remarks. After these improvements, the training course is probably the best seminar for heat pumps organized in Greece and offered for free.

Revised seminar program
1. Introduction to the heat pump concept and inherent advantages
2. Energy saving compared to conventional systems (diagrams and explanation)
3. Efficiency ratio COP-EER (diagrams, cerification, differences amongst heat pumps in the market)
4. Case studies : Residence, hotel, swimming pool, hot water production, geothermal
5. Study, dimensioning, installation and maintenance : crucial points
6. Design of the system : Hydraulic circuit and auxiliaries, electrical connections, electronic control
7. Combination with other water heating systems (ex. solar)
8. Introduction to geothermal systems
9. The No1 european heat pumps factory. What more does it offer.
10. Common technical questions
11. Visit to a real operational geothermal heat pump installation

Seminar attendance
The technical seminar is presented by the experienced team of engineers of Delta Techniki, with a proven track record since 1980 in the sector of heat pumps. Maybe the most experienced team in Greece. The seminar language is greek but answers can be placed in english.

Seminar Fee – Cost

The training is currently offered for free. An attendance certificate is provided to all participants.

Duration and start time
The seminar starts in 17.00 in the afternoon. It lasts about 2,5-3 hours and the program material is presented in a very intensive way, so high concentration is needed.

If you are interested to participate and you do not understand Greek language, we can provide translation services upon request and prior early notice.

For more information (also in English), please call us at tel. 210 94 00 720

You can also fill in the communication form  so that we can contact you.