Swimming Pools

A professional or even a domestic swimming pool is a highly demanding installation in terms of energy consumption. Beyond securing top hygiene levels, the manager / owner of a pool has to guarantee ideal water temperature for users, all year round.

  The demand for water heating, particularly during winter when losses are maximized, leads to high energy demands from the heating system.

Due to high consumptions, the use of a conventional heating system using fossil fuels (diesel oil, gas) leads easily to very high energy bills.

On the contrary, a heat pump system will reduce them from 40% to 70% and is also environmentally friendly, exploiting renewable energy sources.

Climaveneta produces special heat pumps for swimming pool applications, either for new ones, or for easy replacement of diesel / gas systems in already operating pools. In particular :
  • Series Prana single compressor
    For domestic and small hotel pools, SPA
  • Series Prana multiple compressor
    For regular sized swimming pools
  • Series NECS-N, NX-N
    For large athletic centers and hotels
All series are also available in geothermal variations.

The advantages of Climaveneta heat pumps for pools

As already mentioned, Climaveneta’s heat pumps are specialy adapted to swimming pool needs. They can serve all heating (and cooling) needs of a swimming pool and its auxiliary premises (showers, offices, etc), regardless of external temperature (-20C to +45C), completely turning off the diesel / gas burner. The particular advantages are :
  • Huge savings in the energy bill, from 40% to 70% compared even with low diesel prices. Also cheaper than gas.
  • Completely silent operation (special versions)
  • Pool heating and shower hot water production from a single unit
  • Short payback time. Frequent used swimming pools achieve a payback of no more than 2 seasons.
  • Totally safe operation. No flames (ex. diesel and gas burner), no exhaust fumes, no fuel on site.
  • Very easy installation and connection to existing pool heating networks.

Attention is needed in the dimensioning and study of the heat pump system, making Delta Techniki’s know-how essential. A specialist team of engineers from Delta Techniki will study the exact needs of each pool and propose the best system using Climaveneta heat pumps, in order to secure technical excellence and financial feasibility.

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