Heat pumps are the most modern and economical way of heating and producing domestic hot water, both in winter and summer. It is the definitive end of diesel oil in hotels, with savings of 45%-70% compared to diesel bills. This fact is confirmed by the hoteliers who chose to install a heat pump system of Climaveneta, either in newly constructed or in existing hotels.

Ideal system regardless of the size : for small, medium and large hotels

The heat pump is the most economical system for heating and producing hot water, regardless of the size of the hotel.
Specifically, in guesthouses, small hotels, semi-autonomous houses (bungalows), it provides in summer and in winter, in day and in night, be it sunny or cloudy :
- economy up to 70% compared to diesel oil heating, and domestic hot water. Climaveneta heat pumps are the only ones to guarantee hot water production regardless of external temperature (-20°C to +45°C)
- economy of 35-50% in cooling, compared to old technology chillers
- efficient operation in all conditions, from -20°C to + 46°C
- low maintenance cost and easy handling
- compatibility with all types of existing radiators, fan coils, boilers etc
- special versions of units, very low noise level, for installation in sensitive areas
- eliminating the need to pre-purchase fuel, months before its consumption.

Data from a real case
Let's take the example of a small hotel in Papigo, in which a Climaveneta heat pump was installed with heating capacity of 20kW. The annual hours of heating was about 1,200 and the average oil price was 1,2 € / liter and electricity price was 0,15 € / kWh. If the hotelier used the conventional boiler for heating, he would need to consume approximately 2,800 liters and pay around 3.500 € for heating. Instead, he chose to put Climaveneta heating system and consumed according to the counter about 9.600kWh at cost of 1.450 €, scoring a huge profit for the budget of the hotel!!! Additionally, the system produced hot water for the needs of the hotel and saved money from there too.

How much does it cost

The supply and the installation of Climaveneta system in the above example cost around 7.500 € more than a conventional system with diesel oil. The financial payback therefore will be held for the hotelier in about three years (hot water saving also) and after that he will have a net benefit of more than 2.050€ / year. The impressive results are relevant for larger hotels too, with savings multiplied. All these impressive savings are achieved without any state subsidy being needed.

How exactly is it adopted in hotels which burn diesel oil?

The Climaveneta system is one of the few, specially designed, to be adapted to existing heating networks, completely replacing the diesel oil burners. The heat pump can be installed virtually everywhere outside. Mounted on the roof, balcony or garden, with very low noise levels.

It is something new? Why hoteliers do not know that?
The Climaveneta heat pump system is a tested technology. Instead of producing heat by burning a fossil fuel, it exploits the energy that is available in ambient air. With this way, it achieves, to give 3-5 kWh heat output at our place consuming only 1kWh of electrical power!

Hoteliers were not familiar with this new system because they trusted the classic way of heating and diesel was cheap in the last decade. Moreover, the main majority of engineers did not propose something new in the construction of hotels, because simply they didn’t have any motive either. They would not have to pay those high heating costs themselves. In recent years that the price of oil increased more and more…., things have changed. A lot of hotels are using it right now and consider it to be a competitive advantage, not telling anyone about it !

We also have more benefits besides economy :

- Free hot domestic water with some special versions
- lower maintenance costs and easy handling
- safe operation without burning, flame or gas at the hotel, nor chimney
- environmentally friendly (green certifications highly relevant)
- cooling in summer, (if installed from the beginning to the hotel)
- improves the energy certificate of the building
- very easy installation to existing hotels for hot water and heating

Why Climaveneta and not other brand ?
- it is the No 1 European heat pump manufacturer and specialized in this sector.
- it has the highest efficiency
- it has a very competitive cost
- it is supported before and after the installation by DELTA TECHNIKI SA, a company with over 33 years presence in the market.
- it works all year round, without limitations in external temperatures (winter or summer)

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