Delta Techniki is pioneer of air conditioning (HVAC) in Greece, promoting dynamically & consistently since 1980 the technology of heat pumps & liquid chillers, a system which takes the most out of the free energy available in the environment.

Today, Delta Techniki having obtained incomparable experience from countless installations and studies, is able to support professional engineers, installers, architects and construction companies. The unique experience of Delta Techniki in professional HVAC for more than 3 decades, is transformed to an advantage and benefit of its professional partners.

The aim of the engineering team of Delta Techniki is to choose and propose the best system and machinery to the installers, also helping them to design and implement it.

Studies :
Correct equipment & materials dimensioning and selection, design of cooling - air conditioning – ventilation – heating systems. Delta Techniki’s experience in this sector is mostly valuable and makes a difference.

Installations :
Complete implementation or simple supervision of the installation of air conditioning systems, air, water & electrical networks, delivering them in full operation.

Maintenance and Support :
Maintenance services, spare parts and support of the HVAC systems throughout their life cycle.