Swimming Pools Reference

Take a look at a small sample of swimming pools in Greece and abroad that already use Climaveneta chillers and heat pumps.:

Swimming Center, Glyfada, Attica
Established Heat Pump Climaveneta, model  NX N 0704 T/LN CA,  with heating capacity 186 kW, for the heating of an open swimming pool.
Fitness Center, Vironas, Attica

At the gym they established two Roof Top Packaged units of Climaveneta, model WHISPER ENTHALPY 0352 with heat recovery, total cooling capacity 546kw, total heating capacity 334 kw.
Aqualux Hotel and Spa, Italy

They are established two geothermal, 4-pipe, heat pumps, water-water , model ERACS2-WQ 1902 from INTEGRA range of Climaveneta, for heating 7 pools as well as a spa center and a fitness center.
Swimming Pool, Anixi, Attica
It is established a Climaveneta heat pump, high temperature model AW-HT 0302/CA-E,  for heating the pool 25x12,5m, the heating of the surrounding area and the heating of the domestic hot water. 
Myconian Villa Collection, ╬ťykonos

It is established a Prana range heat pump, model AW-HT 0071 Climaveneta, with heating capacity 27kW for covering the needs of four private internal pools, 20m2 each. Also the same unit is connected to a boiler of 500lt  that produces hot domestic water for 10 suites.
Sports Center, Pallini, Attica 

It is established a heat pump Climaveneta, high temperature, model AW-HT 0122/CA-E with heating capacity 42kW for the heating of a internal pool 23x10m and heating of domestic hot water with boiler 1000lit.
Capri Palace Hotel & Spa, Capri

They have establish units special manufactured for the specific hotel. These units are EHEN 612, of Climaveneta that combines the low noise version with the respect to the architecture construction and the production of large quontities of hot domestic water and heating the pools 24hours a day.
Swimming Pool, Peristeri, Attica

They have establish an air-cooled chiller Climaveneta with partial heat recovery, model NX-D 0352 P/K with capacity 88,5kW,  for production of domestic hot water,  and for cooling of the surrunding area of the swimming pool. They have also establish a Roof-Top heat pump, model WSM-0101CE with cooling capacity 34,8kW and heating capacity 32,3kW for the air-conditioning of the restaurant.
Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa, Australia

Climaveneta has leading experience in utilizing magnetic levitation technology in air-conditioning units, like the ones that are established to this hotel. Specifically they are established models  ERACS2-WQ 2702 and TECS2-W 1213 HC for the production of hot domestic water and for the heating of the hotel's pool.
Swimming Pool, Peristeri, Attica

It is established a geothermal heat pump of Climaveneta, model NECS-WN 0552 / B for the heating of a swimming pool with dimensions 50m x 21m.
Cavo Olympo Luxury Resort & Spa, Pieria

Two leading models of heat pumps Integra NECS-Q 704 SL of  Climaveneta, are established in the specific hotel for covering the needs of heating, air-conditioning  and domestic hot water for all surrundings of the hotel as well as the internal swimming pool.
  Residence,  Voula, Attica

It is established a heat pump Climaveneta, model AWR 0101 DHW2, with heating capacity 28,3kW with total heat recovery, for cooling and heating, all the year, the internal pool and also produces free domestic hot water.
Swimming Pool, Veroia

They are established an air-cooled heat pump Climaveneta model NECS-N 0412 / B and a geothermal heat pump Climaveneta model NECS-WN 0412/B covering the heating and the cooling of the area as well as the heating of the pool.
Hotel, Mykonos

In April 2013, they established a high temperature heat pump Climaveneta AW-HT 0071t.
After the succesfull operation of the unit, they established two more heat pumps Climaveneta, model AW 0071 HT with capacity 37,3 kW and model AW 0041 HT with capacity 19,9 kW for domestic hot water and for heating the internal pool.