Climaveneta and Delta Techniki, have been specialized in the needs for cooling and generally strict temperature control in the production process of wine making. A large number of wineries in Greece and in the world are benefiting from the liquid chillers of Climaveneta.

The needs of a modern winery

• High accuracy temperature control in grape / wine tanks during fermentation and stabilization (cooling and heating)
• Widening of the wine making season
• Production of other alcohol drinks (beer, ouzo)
• Low cost hot water to cover cleaning needs in the production line (machines, tanks, storage areas, transport vehicles)
• Air conditioning of auxiliary areas (offices, production rooms) during the whole year

A competitive advantage for wineries with Climaveneta

• Capability to control the temperature of the wine with great accuracy and speed, all year round (winter-summer) irrespective of external temperature. Climaveneta supplies special heat pumps with water-glycol mixture able to reach temperatures down to -8C without freezing.
• Capability to lower but also to raise the temperature of the wine (or other alcoholic beverages) with heat pump models instead of simple chillers. This capability offers the opportunity to add new alcoholic beverages with different cooling / heating demands to the wineries product range (ex. beer).
• Capability to operate in cooling / chiller mode even in the winter, regardless of external temperature. This offers the advantage to the winery to extend the production period well into the winter.
• Energy saving / lowering wine production costs which can reach -35% compared to old and low performance chillers which probably currently serve the winery. The modern Climaveneta units have a very high performance ratio (COP) which can reach 4,4 compared to 2,5-3 of old technology similar units.
• Completely free - No cost hot water production for various production needs when the heat pumps work in cooling / chiller mode.
• Highly versatile : simultaneous heating and cooling from one machine for high efficiency and output wine production.
• Top of the line reliability record. Long machine expected lifetime. Simple maintenance.

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Small sample of wineries which use Climaveneta machines

In a few words, the Climaveneta chillers and heat pumps are the latest technological evolution offered to wine makers interested to improve their production lines, using their special capabilities to produce high quality wine. Not only that. Climaveneta heat pumps and chillers are the most environmental friendly technology, adapted to the principles of Bio-production, using 75% of renewable energy from the environment.

The case of geothermal heat pumps / chillers

For maximum energy saving, a geothermal chiller or heat pump can be installed in the winery. The additional advantages in this case are:

• Even greater performance ratio (COP) and thus further energy saving
• Performance almost totally unaffected by variations in environmental temperatures (extreme heat or cold)
• Units can be installed indoors

The higher installation cost of these machines is covered gradually during the pay-back period with lower operating costs.

State subsidy / investment support

The payback period of investments in modern heat pumps and chillers is relatively short even without any support / subsidy due to the energy saving gained, making them highly worthwhile, also considering their other advantages. However, because heat pumps / chillers are considered a renewable energy technology, all available subsidy programs (Investment Support Law, ESPA, PEP, etc) have them as eligible investments and also give high scores in order for the application to get approved more easily. And of course, Climaveneta heat pumps and Delta Techniki as an installer have all necessary quality certificates needed for approval of state subsidies.

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