Wineries Reference

Take a look at a small sample of wineries that already use Climaveneta chillers and heat pumps :

Winery Bodega Garzon, Maldonado - Uruguay
Established two 4-pipe multiuse heat pumps of Climaveneta, model ERACS2-Q with total established cooling capacity 1050kW.
Winery - Distillery - Evoia

Geothermal Heat Pump, water-water, Climaveneta, BWR0091-MTD2. Total installed cooling capacity 24,1kW and heating capacity 31,2kW.
Stavropoulos Estate, Gastouni - Ilia

Chiller of Climaveneta, model ΝΧ 182 Ρ/Κ.  Total installed cooling capacity 44 kw.
Evritika Cellars, Evros
Air-cooled chiller, Climaveneta, NECS 0128 / B. Total installed cooling capacity 45kW
Winery "ART WINE", Drama

Air-cooled chillers model FOCS 1542 / B (1 pc.) and model NECS 0352 / B (1 pc.) with compressors Scroll Type (series NECS) and Screw Type (series FOCS)
Total installed cooling capacity 364 kW
Alpha Estate, Aminteo 

Air-cooled chillers , models Climaveneta, TC / SRAT 0802 HT και HRAT 0512 / HT.
Pavlou Estate, Amintaio
Polyzos Estate, Siatista

Air-cooled heat pump Climaveneta, model HRAN 0071 FF / SL. Total installed cooling and heating capacity 18-21kW.
Brintzikis Winerry, Lantzoi Ilias

Geothermal Heat Pump Climaveneta, NECS WN 0182, with capacity 100 - 116kW.
Duca di Salaparuta Wineries, Aspra Bagheria - Italy

Two air-cooled water chillers Climaveneta, FOCS / B-BT / S 8444. Total installed cooling capacity 2.380 kW.
Cantine Antinori, Tuscany - Italy

Three water cooled chillers with total recovery, Climaveneta, FOCS-WR 2002 and two water-cooled chillers SRH / BT 1002. Total installed cooling capacity 1.500 kW.
La Chablisienne Vinery, Chablis - France

Air-cooled water chiller, with partial reconery Climaveneta, FOCS / D. Total installed cooling capacity 1.200 kW.
Concha Y Toro, Santiago - Chile

Chiller of Climaveneta, model ERACS-Q/B 2622. Total installed cooling capacity 377 kW and heating capacity 522 kW.
Costantia Glen Cellars, Cape Town - South Africa

Air-cooled chiller with recovery, Climaveneta. Total installed cooling capacity 30 kW.
  Distell, Stellensbosch - South Africa

Air-cooled chiller Climaveneta, model NECS/B HT 0252. Total installed cooling capacity 61,6 kW.
  DK Projects, Cape Town - South Africa

Air-cooled chiller, Climaveneta, model FOCS-W 1102. Total installed cooling capacity 250 kW.
Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley - Australia

Air-colled chiller, model  FOCS-B 2722 D. Total installed cooling capacity 664 kW.
Rubin Vinery, Krusevac - Serbia

Air-cooled chiller, Climaveneta. Total installed cooling capacity 255 kW.

Vina Santa Carolina, Valdivia - Chile

Air-cooled chiller, Climaveneta, μmodel FOCS-W 2402. Total installed cooling capacity 328,3 kW.
Welbedacht Wines, Wellington - South Africa

Chiller, Climaveneta, model NECS.  Total installed cooling capacity 96 kW.