Maximum Energy Saving & Economy
By combining the energy stored in the ground with limited use of electricity, geothermal heat pumps can dramatically reduce the yearly bills for heating and air conditioning. It offers complete independence from fluctuating diesel oil and gas prices and provides the most environmentally friendly solution for heating and cooling. A geothermal system offers 5 kWh for every 1kWh it consumes.

Perfect comfort
Geothermal does not mean just heating. It also provides cooling in the summer, humidity control and hot water for all uses. In addition, air filtering and fresh air supply is possible. The desired room temperature is set with immediate response, high accuracy and if it is desired, in every room separately. No need to say that it is also the safest and most silent system available.

Reliability & Performance
In all environmental conditions, excessive cold or heat, the geothermal air conditioning operates unaffected, with top of the line performance. It is considered to be the heating system with the least demand for maintenance for many years.

Free spaces
It releases the interior spaces by using an underfloor system or hidden air ducts. It completely removes burners, tanks and the not aesthetical pleasing exterior unit of common split air conditioners.

No worries – A modern system

Automatic control, no cleaning, no carrying wood, no cleaning ashes, no flames, no fumes. A modern system does not need to make you a “slave” in order to be environmentally friendly.

A house or a skyscraper ? Doesn’t matter !

Geothermal heat pumps can be applied in all types and sizes of buildings. Climaveneta has experience and produces heat pumps that have been installed from a small house in Penteli, Athens to the most known skyscraper in the world, the “Bosco Verticale” in Milan, Italy.

Conclusion : Save the planet & Save Money
The energy consumption for heating and air conditioning is responsible for about 20% of the global burden in the atmosphere with CO2. The geothermal system reduces these emissions to 1/3, eliminating their release into the residential environment. Of all the renewable energy technologies, this is the one that can be applied more directly and effectively in the building sector, in full conformity with the principles of bioclimatic architecture.

Geothermal energy is the most economical and “green” heating - air conditioning system at this time in the world, for comfort all the year round, winter and summer. It is the successor of the outdated (due to environmental, operational and economic reasons), diesel oil or gas burner. The advantages of geothermal energy therefore are focused on "our pocket", our quality of life and of course on the environment.

The engineers of Delta Techniki are at your disposal for a free preliminary design of a system for your building and can also give you an accurate estimate of the economies you will achieve by using it.

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