What we Offer

Delta Techniki offers the complete “package” for the implementation of a geothermal system and therefore can be held 100% responsible and accountable for the successful operation of the system. Delta Techniki’s team of engineers is a very experienced partner for geothermal applications, having a proven track record in this sector for decades.

Delta Techniki is one of the companies which “own’ the greatest expertise in geothermal applications in Greece. Delta designed and installed geothermal systems starting back in the 90’s when other engineering firms didn’t know of their existence. It stands out thanks to its experience to optimize the design and installation according to the specifics of each application. It is certified for geothermal projects in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2008.


In particular, Delta Techniki is able to :
  • Prepare all necessary studies and design
  • Supply and install the equipment inside the ilding and the geothermal exchanger outside
  • Supervise, coordinate the project
  • Commission and startup the system
  • Support and provide maintenan

As far as the main equipment (heat pump) is concerned, Delta Techniki is the exclusive distributor and long time partner of the largest European factory, of Climaveneta, which has developed a special range for geothermal applications.

    Climaveneta supplies specially designed geothermal heat pumps. Inside the building, the Climaveneta heat pumps can be combined with :

  • hidden air ducts
  • terminal units (fan coils)
  • underfloor heating systems
  • hot water boilers

In excellent cooperation with the competent engineer, architect or the owner himself, Delta Techniki guarantees the complete success in the application of this modern air conditioning system and contemporary energy saving application.

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