What is a heat pump ?

Up to 70% savings in heating, WITHOUT diesel oil !

Heat pumps are the most modern and technologically advanced heating and cooling system. Forget diesel oil, wood-stoves, natural gas, pellets and solutions that refer to ... the past!

The heat pumps of Climaveneta Italy are the easiest and most effective way to reduce the operating costs of heating and cooling systems and to reduce the exhaust emissions, using free energy from renewable sources, such as air, water and soil.

Heat pumps completely abolish the need of expensive diesel oil or natural gas. In the case of existing buildings they are connected to the already existing network of radiators. They offer saving to consumption up to 70%!

In new buildings, the Climaveneta system is able to also provide cooling in the summer, eliminating the need for split air conditioners in every room. By using geothermal energy the maximum savings of 70-80% can be reached.

By substituting the conventional heating source that you use with a new generation heat pump from Climaveneta, you save a big amount of the annual heating costs.

Main Benefits
  • Energy bills down from 40% to 80%
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Comfort all year: Heating, Cooling and Hot Water
  • Quiet operation
  • Hot water without limits (day or night, sunny or cloudy, summer or winter)

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Delta Techniki, more than 30 years partner of Climaveneta in Greece, is a pioneer of heat pump technology. With experience starting back in the 80’s, when heat pumps were making their first steps, Delta Techniki knows all their little secrets and technical characteristics, guaranteeing perfect engineering in every application for heating and air conditioning small and bigger houses.

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