The largest hotel investment in Greece for 2015 focuses on top energy efficiency


The 5 star hotel complex Ikos Olivia, opens its doors this summer in Chalkidiki. This is the famous former Gerakina Beach, which completely reconstructed by the new owners Sani SA and Oaktree Capital with an investment of around 20 million euros.

The owners assigned the complete renovation of the hotel complex to the highly experienced Aktor ATE (Group ELLAKTOR) contractor. Great emphasis was placed on selecting equipment for minimizing the energy consumption of the hotel, ensuring reduced operating costs. The largest source of energy consumption in every hotel, about half of all or even more, relates to the system of sanitary hot water, space heating and cooling and water heating in pools.

On this basis, the cooperation with CLIMAVENETA was chosen for Ikos Olivia. Climaveneta is the largest European company of HVAC using the most modern and energy efficient technology, heat pumps. Climaveneta has 40 years experience in the field and currently produces specialized equipment for the needs of hotel units.

In Ikos Olivia, a total of 13 modern Climaveneta heat pumps and chillers were installed with nominal power around 2,5MW, covering the whole year the needs for sanitary hot water to 136 rooms, 159 suites-bungalows, 4 restaurants, laundries and other support activities. The Climaveneta units also take care of the water heating in 4 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, but also for heating - cooling of air in common space areas of the hotel.

Each of those 13 Climaveneta machines is a model of modern technology and top energy efficiency. All without exception are energy Class A and low noise version. On these machines, which were delivered a few days ago for connection, a specific type stands out. It is the heat pumps Prana AW-HT high temperature high power, which in the case of Ikos Olivia exceed 1MW and are capable of operation even in extreme ambient temperatures from minus 20C to +45C. This model of Climaveneta is unique because it can produce hot water and heat swimming pools throughout the year, not limited by the size of the hotel, with superior reliability. Also, the AW-HT Prana is extremely easy to install in existing hotels replacing fuel oil for these needs, giving them from the first operating season cost reductions in the order of 50%.

The participation of Climaveneta in the top hotel project of 2015 in Greece, firstly guarantees the energy efficiency of the investment, while on the other hand shows the strength of Climaveneta and its expertise in hotel applications.


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