Climaveneta: The "expert" to save energy in swimming pools


Climaveneta would like to present some characteristic examples of swimming pool projects in which the desired heating needs are combined with great savings in energy costs.

Swimming Pool, Anixi: heat pump Climaveneta, high temperature AW-HT 0302 / CA-E, for heating the water of the pool with dimensions 25x12,5m, for heating of the pool area and the gym and for producing hot water for use at bathrooms, showers, etc.

Sports Center, Pallini Attica: Heat pump high temperature AW-HT 0122 / CA-E, capacity 42kW for heating closed swimming pool 23x10m dimensions and for producing hot water for use with boiler 1000lit.

Private Swimming Pool, Voula Attica: Climaveneta heat pump AWR 0101 DHW 2, heating capacity 28,3kW with total heat recovery, for cooling and heating all year the indoor pool and simultaneously production of free hot water.

Swimming Pool, Veria: a heat pump type NECS-N 0412 / B and a geothermal heat pump, type NECS-WN 0412 / B, satisfy the heating and cooling of all areas of the swimming pool and obviously heat the pool water.

Municipal Swimming Pool, Peristeri Attica: One of the best examples of total coverage thermal needs of a swimming pool, with Climaveneta heat pumps. Specifically, they settle a unit type roof-top WSM-0101CE with cooling capacity 34,8kW and heating capacity 32,3kW for air conditioning all commercial premises and offices. Also they settle a chiller with partial heat recovery, type NX-D 0352 P / K capacity 88,5kW, for cooling the spaces round the pool and for producing free hot water. Finally the settle a geothermal heat pump model NECS-WN 0552 / B for heating the swimming pool (50m x 21m Olympic dimensions).

Hotel pool, Psarou Mykonos: three types of heat pumps AW-HT 0071 and 0041 for heating the indoor pool water and for economical production of hot water for the locker room and the rest of the hotel.

These examples demonstrate in practice that Climaveneta has acquired expertise in saving energy and reducing operating costs in projects such as swimming pools.