Climaveneta at Renzo’s Piano project


The famous architect undertook the design of a whole new area with apartments, offices, shops and cultural venues - like a science museum - in the region of Trento in Italy.
The area was named Le Albere and covers an area of 120 acres, 50 of which were used to create a “Recreation Park”. The whole complex is actually a small town and the challenge here was to find the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to provide energy, heating and air conditioning of all spaces.

The original design provided that all buildings would have to meet the conditions of strict certification KlimaHouse, while the museum and the future convention center should meet the more stringent conditions required by the certification LEED gold.These were the reasons for choosing Climaveneta for this large and complex project

They had to achieve three main objectives, the heating, cooling and hot water for domestic use, in the whole complex. They used 5 cooling systems TECA, with power 1175 kW each. The use of these units is calculated that will provide energy comparable to that which would be produced by burning 575 tons of oil, which will "release" in the atmosphere about 1.700 tons of carbon dioxide!

The goal of Renzo Piano and his colleagues was to make the new district of Le Albere an example of sustainability, which will stand ahead of modern intensive cities. The proximity to the traditional center of Trento is giving to thousands of people the opportunity to see closely how it is to work and live in a city, which does not pollute the environment.
The result of the collaboration of an intelligent creator as Mr. Piano with Climaveta and the most advanced solutions that they can provide, confirm, in the most emphatic way, the possibility of the Italian company to meet the most demanding challenges posed by modern engineering projects worldwide.

The choice of Climaveneta was based on high technology and quality of the units, aiming simultaneously the rapidly growing health care and decrease operating costs. Climaveneta has also installed units in over 200 healthcare projects worldwide