This is the most beautiful sky-scraper in the world


It prevailed amongst 800 high-rise buildings from all over the world and was nominated the most beautiful skyscraper in the world. Located in Milan, Italy and is called «Bosco Verticale», free translation "vertical forest". The Frankfurt Museum of Architecture awarded the prestigious architectural firm Boeri Studio who designed it, the prize «International Highrise Award» for the year 2014.

The identity of Bosco Verticale
The skyscraper is located in Porta Nuova Isola Milan and is an example of the idea of ​​vertical densification of nature within the city. It consists of two parts-shaped tower, with 27 and 19 floors respectively and a total of 111 apartments. An important element of the building are the terraces, which occupy an area of ​​2,780 sq.m. and planted with 900 trees and 2,000 shrubs variety, flowers and plants. The main objective of the idea of ​​Bosco Verticale is the formation of microclimate around the apartments, creating a sense of green oasis in the city center. This is achieved by reducing external noise, by controlling the sunlight with deciduous trees, enhancing the absorption of CO2 and release oxygen and of course, allowing for the visual stimuli.

Not just beauty but energy efficiency also
The award «International Highrise Award» but does not consider only the aesthetics of contestants tall buildings, but demanded and adopting innovative solutions in energy efficiency and functionality. The Stefano Boeri, knew that 50% of energy consumption of the building would come from the heating and air conditioning system. Also, he knew that there would be a marked difference heating and cooling requirements as the facade of the building that was each space and if the illuminated or not the sun. In particular, it was expected that some apartments would ask heating and at the same time others would need cooling, which was posing serious risk of drastically increasing energy consumption.

Air Conditioning by the leading European firm
It was obvious that it would take a special partner for finding the solution that would meet the needs of Bosco Verticale a system simple to install and operate and simultaneously with top energy preformance. The partner could not be other than the Climaveneta, the largest manufacturer of central heating and air conditioning systems in Europe. Installed in Bosco Verticale, four (4) modern multipurpose heat pumps, geothermal type Integra ERACS, optimized for the exploitation of the aquifer in the area. These units, maximum total power 4MW, thanks to their advanced manufacturing philosophy (4-pipe) and the electronic control system, have given what Boeri wanted : independent and / or simultaneous provision of heating and cooling, with top performance. The Integra system can provide a 40% reduction in primary energy consumption compared with a system of another manufacturer.

The "Bosco Verticale" is a unique project - a model for sustainable development in areas with high population density. Climaveneta had an important role in the project, ensuring energy efficiency, which gave the building a LEED Gold certification.


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