Professional installers and engineers get training for heat pumps


Delta Techniki SA and the Cooperative of Installers & Plumbers in Corfu Island arranged a technical daily training seminar with subject: ENERGY EFFICIENCY WITH NEW GENERATION HEAT PUMPS. The seminar took place on Monday 22nd of June at 7:00 pm in the Conference Room of the main building of the Cooperative of Corfu Installers - Plumbers offices. Association members attended a thorough presentation and training for heat pump technology and have been informed about design requirements and instructions.

Of particular interest were the technical topics presented, such as plumbing connections and electrical wiring of heat pumps, advanced functions and capabilities, installation and maintenance guide. The professionals have also been informed about the advantages and applications of heat pumps and how this technology reduces building energy consumption. Technical brochures and electronic material for heat pumps has been distributed to all the attendees. The goal of the training seminar has been to familiarize professional installers with the technology of heat pumps, their energy savings capabilities and their technical characteristics.

Delta Techniki proved once again its good contact with the professional market of installers of heat pumps (mostly specialized plumbers) and is planning to repeat such training seminars, transferring this way the knowledge processed by its technical team of engineers to the installers.