The most innovative heating system of 2015


Which one is it ? The answer will be given by the HVR awards competition, this month. One system or equipment will stand out from the rest, based on high technology used, innovative operation or design and overall corporate distinction.

Climaveneta, the largest European manufacturer of HVAC systems, participates in the competition and has reached the finalist shortlist with two different products, taking advantage of its in-depth knowledge of the heat pump technology. This way, Climaveneta proves its true position as a global leader in HVAC systems for every type of building and application, with emphasis on energy efficiency (thus low operating costs), comfort and environmental friendliness.

The first product to enter the finalist shortlist is the Prana EW High Temperature heat pump, destined for hot water production using the energy recovered from another, primary heating or cooling system. The Prana EW is usually used in large domestic applications, hotels and industrial plants. The second Climaveneta product on the final competion shortlist is the high efficiency air cooled chiller i-Fx(1+i), which combines the advantages of fixed and variable speed commpressors, applying a mathematical formula to maximize its efficiency at all times. The i-Fx is used in building with highly fluctuating cooling demands (ex. airports, glass buildings).

In Greece, Climaveneta partners exclusively with the Delta Techniki Group of Companies. Boasting a highly trained and experienced team of engineers, Delta Techniki intensively supports the architects, the system designers and construction companies involved in all modern building projects, showing to them the advantages Climaveneta products for HVAC.

Update 16/10
: The innovative heat pump Prana EW High Temperature of Climaveneta has won the award for best heating product of 2015 ! The Prana EW-HT produces high temperature hot water (78οC) with outmost energy efficiency (up to 600% : COP=6).


Competition HVR Awards 2015 website:
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