Chiswick Park Estate: Climaveneta provides high energy efficiency & comfort


The innovative architectural proposals can meet the most demanding energy efficiency and comfort standards when used technological solutions such as those offered by Climaveneta, a leading European manufacturer of heating and air conditioning systems.

To Chiswick Park in London is an innovative project in which 12 modern office buildings are combined harmonically with nature. This complex of offices, which has 5.000 employees, exists together with the garden of a nearby park with a lake, a small waterfall and a walkway that surrounds the area. It was proclaimed in the Top 10 "Best Places to Work" in England. Especially the "Building 7" of Chiswick Park is the latest addition to the project and has designed by the company Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners. It has 12 floors and a total surface area of 31.000 m2 with basic "mission" to provide an ideal working environment during the whole year, offering easy access to employees who will use the parks and recreation, fitness and fun.

Achieving high results
Right from the beginning, the intention of the owners was to exceed the requirements of very strict energy BREEAM certification and therefore they chose a reliable and experienced partner to reduce the greatest energy consumption of the building, the air conditioning. There is no one who could better respond to this challenge by Climaveneta. So, they install modern air conditioning units, FOCS type, in order to offer the necessary comfort to employees but also to be observed strictly the principles of sustainability and energy efficiency. They totally installed seven (7) FOCS units, high energy capacity and they gave great importance to low noise emission, in order to not bother the employees.

 Why heat pumps where chosen for this project
The heat pumps are based on an extremely simple but very efficient operating principle: instead produce heat by consuming fuel, transporting / pump (so the name "pump") the heat that already exists, from one space to another. In winter, therefore, the heat pump takes heat from outside air and brings it inside our room (at home, in the office), warming the water of the heater, as oil or natural gas would do. With the exactly reverse process as in the case of Chiswick Park, the heat pumps can provide air conditioning / cooling in every space during the warmer months of the year.

It is worth noting that the preference of the leading architectural firms worldwide towards heat pumps is a notable trend nowadays. The heat pumps are currently the No1 heating and cooling system of the world and it is used in most new buildings of all types and sizes. They manage to meet the highest and most stringent environmental certifications, because they just spend minimum electricity, making it the most economical and more environmentally friendly heating and cooling system available to humanity.

Installation details

Ø      Heat Pump / Chiller air - water (Hydronic System)

Ø      Cooling capacity: 4.5 MW

Ø      Equipment: 3xFOCS-CA / LN 2702 Energy Class A, Low Version Noise, 4xFOCS2 SL-CA-E 2702 Energy Class A, Super Low Version Noise

Ø      Awards - Certifications: BREEAM, Green Apple Award, 5 consecutive years in the «Best Places to Work»

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